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About Our Tech Incubator

Working Together for a Better Future

When you join, you’ll become a lifelong member of a community of mentors, entrepreneurs and industry experts. With an exceptional track record and a deep understanding of the technology ecosystem, our goal is to find and empower talented founders around the world. Do you have a groundbreaking idea? What are you waiting for? go ahead and apply today.

Writing on Glass

Available Programs

Difference Tracks Available

Intensive 9-Week Program

With our Intensive 9-Week Program, founders can experience exactly how they want. If at any point you decide you’d like to join a different program, give us a call or drop by our administration office.

Global Innovation Program

At we believe in innovation through collaboration. With our Global Innovation Program we aim to help startups in all stages establish market entry strategies, engage with corporate partners and investors, and overcome their largest, most complex hurdles.

Cohort Accelerator Program

Our Cohort Accelerator Program is ideal for companies at any stage looking to test their theories and vision, qualify feasibility and global viability, and develop their business alongside professionals who have done it time and time again. Get in touch today to learn more about this program and the application process.


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